Big Bird Dog:

Big Bird Dog kicked off his musical exploits in 1980 with gothic-punk-rockabillies Sunglasses After Dark.

The band released two records on Anagram before splitting up in 1984, after which Big Bird Dog spent a few years playing in number of bands including Saddlewhores, Demented are Go!, the Sex Gang Children and Decadent Few.

In 1989 he joined the country/skiffle outfit Macavity's Cat, and embarked on eight years of gigging, touring and recording, but mostly drinking.

The band finally split in 1997, after which Big Bird Dog and a couple of the cats (including Kevin Dog) formed Rubbish! Their brief but eventful career, which saw the appearance of Lisa Dog on the scene as their drummer, came to an end within a year, and Big Bird Dog sat down to plan his next musical venture - a punk band which plays cover versions of country and western classics! Simple but brilliant!

All that remained was to sit in pubs and bars for two and a half years talking it up but doing nothing about starting it.

Until, that is, on one fateful night in early Summer 2000, a few brandy cocktails too many resulted in someone (Jim Dog) actually listening to his drunken ramblings, and the nucleus of Some Dogs was formed.

Then, in 2004, he fucked off to live in New Zealand.

Just like a two-bit whore

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