Saturday May 13th
The Windmill
22 Blenheim Gardens
London SW2 5BZ

£5 on the door, £4 before 9pm

Some Dogs
The United Stoats of America
The Curst Sons

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Here's the press release:


Did you realise that country music is simply punk played too slowly? Did you realise that the godparents of punk were not arseholes like Lou Reed or Patti Smith, but Kenny Rogers & Tammy Wynette? Some Dogs Know this and turn Classic Country Songs into Punk Anthems.


The Stoats, united against the pre-packaged musical pap, set about forming a band to fight back. They started mixing a hugely contrasting selection of musical styles into something known as skiffled up, stoat-tastic, lo-fi, car-boot, rustic, stomp-a-billy. Born in the Memphis swamps of East Surrey, they are hell bent on bringing unpretentious proper music back to the people.

“Quite professional” Melanie Stovell - The British Meat Foundation.


Together they play a powerful rootsy mix of mountain melodies, hell-fire gospel and dirty swamp blues.

The boys have played in many Brighton bands over the years In their time they have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Ian Dury, Clint Eastwood and General Saint, George Melly, The Clash, Alexi Sayle, The Saw Doctors, and Arthur Brown! The Curst Sons do not play Duelling Banjos so don't ask!


BREADFOOT was spawn of the east river delta and dragged headlong across the dirty south. He digs strong black coffee and favours redwing boots. He’s inclined to take his whiskey neat and his eggs are always sunny side up with Tabasco. Regarding his music, breadfoot’ll go on to tell ya that he is just a flat picker trying to make the right noises at the right time. He says he’s often accused of playing delta style, but then he adds, “there are those folks who tell you that my music goes beyond the delta. And recalls to mind the American primitive guitar work of the late, great john fahey.” breadfoot live is just as much a soda pop and a game of checkers at the general store, as he is a cold beer on the stoop. A lot of talking. A fair amount of nonsense and every now and then he might figure to shut up long enough to pick a tune.

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