Spilling Whiskey on the Floor, Highbury Corner
Friday 16th August
£5 on door
Doors open: 8.30pm
Some Dogs
: 10.30pm
Jumpin' Jack Cadillac: 9:30pm

This is Jumpin' Jack Cadillac's tribute to the King, 25 years after his death. Smeg is wearing peanut butter, encrusted with bananas, with a bacon collar. Doesn't he look good enough to eat?

Thanks to Paula for the piccie

Nick goes down

Can't you just hear those sweet harmonies?

Mitch turns up and does a quick turn

Lysa hits the water. Hard

Thanks to Lysa for the piccies (I think)

Smeg & Billy of Jumpin' Jack Cadillac

Smeg pulls again

The man they call "Hello Walls"

This is the moment when Ditch realised that it's not such a good idea to put two songs that start the same next to each other in the set

You talkin' to me?

Janet tries to console Mrs Bird, Pete is not sure it's working

The man whose head expanded

T'is better to play on your knees than live on your feet...

Trevor is a very coy Dog tonight

Duncandy Dog on standby

"No, we said ConVOY!"

Half the band
demonstrate how indispensible they aren't..

Billy gives the come on to a box of tools known as Guitarworld and demonstrates (again) why his girlfriend is an "adult" computer game

Trevor Dog is not quite believing what he's seeing here either...

No set of photos by Mark would be complete without a foot shot

And here is the man himself

Thanks for piccies Mark.