Saturday 17th May 2003
The Dukes Head
57 High Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8AG
On about 9pm I guess, we'll play two sets
Doors open: It's a pub!
Headline: Some Dogs
Support: There isn't one

Here's a map

The Question
Can you please tell me in plain language what a Red Giant is?
The Answer
The short answer is that towards the end of a star's life, the temperature near the core rises and this causes the size of the star to expand. This is the fate of [my son] in about 5 billion years. You might want to mark your calendar!

An instrument to tickle human ears by friction of a horse's tail on the entrails of a cat.

It was this spatial composition of being that prevented Stan from ever becoming lost. Wherever he was, he was there. When he disappeared from the farm for four days he could not be expected to bear any responsibility for the disconcertion of the other inhabitants at the place, since he never really knew that he existed there in the first place. He began to detect a rhythm after watching the sun cross the sky for the fourth time from the bottom of a three foot ditch depth vantage point, cattail time lapse gnomon shadows cart-wheeled like a metronome giving up the ghost reflected across the unblinking mellifluous ditch dog’s eyes.

Name: Penny
Nicknames: Poopy, Stinker, Jellybean, Little Ewok, Penelope Ann
Favorite toy at the moment: A styrofoam ball and a bacon flavored rawhide bone
Hobbies: Hiking and exploring, flinging grapes around, sleeping, acting cute

Penny is a very shy dog, she is scared of everyone and everything. She likes very few people, and it takes her a really long time for her to get use to someone. She is very sweet to the people that she does like. Everytime someone leaves the house, she'll run to the window that overlooks the driveway and watch them until they drive away. :)

Everyone in the first grade feels sad when they hear that Jim's dog Muffins has been killed. His friends try to help him feel better, but Jim won't talk or listen to anyone. All he can do is think about his dog.

I decided that a 'Jack Dusty’s' life would be more interesting and possibly offer better scope for advancement. After all, there were less 'Jack Dusty’s’ than seamen in the Navy.

Steve Clements has interests in fertility, UK and European demography and population health, including modelling spatial variations in teenage conception rates in Wessex.

He also took these pictures.