3rd September Much fucking about with forthcoming gigs, lost the September gig at the Bull & Gate for some unknown fucking reason, trying to get confirmation on the Underworld one. Watch the gigs page for the latest.
31st August Dublin Castle. Great venue, great crowd, great gig. We brought Ode to Billy, Lucille & Coward of the County back into the set. Charlie Harper showed up and offered Big Bird a slot on his next Subs single. Coo. Mark took a picture of Jim Dog's arse crack for obvious home erotic motives. You'll have to wait another week to see the piccies because Dags took the film to a 19th Century film processing outlet.
18th August Elder Stubbs Allotments Festival. What a weird gig man. We'll get some piccies soon and you'll see what we mean.
28th July Gig at the Garage. Great place. Sound man has master his art and has got a good gob on him too. His advice to me "Less money on hats, more money on amps". First time we got a really good sound on stage. More events off stage than on though. Billy Joe got accused of nicking Frenzy's drum sticks (untrue). Jim had two punch ups and one make up with a pychobilly for breaking dance code. Don't remember driving home but get this. The next day Jim Dog had a piece of paper by his bed with a rectangle of butter on it covered with a light sprinkling of chilli flakes. What the fuck is that about? If anyone can shed any light on the disturbing events that led up to this, please write to jim@somedogs.co.uk and explain to him just what a comtemptable slimebag he is. We forgot to ask for our pay.
21st July Gig at the Amersham Arms. Hmmm, nice venue, big stage, good sound, but not very many people despite Jim Dog writing to all his South London school buddies. Got very pissed in the bar afterwards, Big Bird Dog jammed along with some fella at the bar.but he was a bit too pissed to play the right notes. There was some falling off of chairs. Ditch Dog & his missus tried to stop Jim Dog driving home, but only because they were drunk and Ditch apologised the next day so no harm done. Jim Dog found Billy Joe Dog's drum kit in my car a couple of days later. See piccies here
15th June In the blistering heat of the Hope & Anchor, Some Dogs play their little hearts out to a packed crowd. The best yet, despite being cut short halfway through the set by lack of time and the power tripping out. Look at the piccies here.
26th May Gig at the Brixton Windmill and a bloody good job too. They offered us another one but we can't remember when.
30th April Rehearsal at Sound City with Big Bird, Jim, Billy Joe, Mystic & Ditch. Fantastic!
26th April Ditch (ex Big Boy Tomato) is a singer/guitarist who would love to sing at the Windmill gig and play bass at the Hope & Anchor gig. Not bad, eh? Welcome Ditch Dog.
25th April

Mr Bird reschedules the Hope & Anchor gig for the 15th June because Billy Joe Dog & Mystic Dog can both do that date. But Mitch Flacko Dog cannot, so we're short of a bassist (again). Any offers?
Also, we're still short of a singer for the Windmill gig in Brixton on the 26th May. Again any offers? Fuck fuck.

24th April Some Dogs have a full band rehearsal with Mystic, Jim Dog's talented wayward son. It sounds fucking fantastic. Only drawback is that Mystic Dog cannot do the gig on the 26th May or the 9th June. Fuck.
19th April Some Dogs audition Brent & some other bloke who Big Bird met down the pub and thought he looked like a singer. Brent's still not perfect, and other blocke does look like a singer, Mr Bird was right in that respect.
27th March Some Dogs audition Brent at OTR. He need to work on a few vocal issues.
24th March Some Dogs foray into South London is a triumph. Read about it here.
17th February Some Dogs take Hackney by storm, read about the gig here
Billy Joe Dog comes aboard full-time and a good job too!
6th February Another stormer of a rehearsal, this time in lovely Leatherhead. We did King of the Road, Ode to Billy Joe, Convoy, Galveston, Rhinestone Cowboy, Ring of Fire & Jolene for the first time with our new line up. Fan-fucking-tastic. Jolene was stunningly tasty.
1st February Well, it looked unlikely Bondy was going to be ready for the gig on the 17th February, so we drafted in Mitch to hit the bass for the gig. Mitch has a long pedigree, being a founder Snork, member of Hagar, and fuck knows what else, most recently performing for the legendary gestalt rockers - the Mekons
We had a corker of a rehearsal with the line-up for the Pepys gig.
We will be prepared, fuck with us not. We have devised a business plan that cannot fail to attract publicity, incorporating as it does, a base slide into depravity and ulitimately insanity, savagery & death. There is no return from this point. We press on.
18th January 2001 Some Dogs audition Bondy on bass at OTR, and he becomes Bondy Dog. Lisa Dog confirms that this will be her last rehearsal with the Dogs. She is going back to the States. Farewell Lisa and thank you.
12th January 2001 Big Bird Dog redesigns the Some Dogs web site like this:
Jim Dog implements it.
January 2001 Well, where to begin! First of all Some Dogs are in the process of auditioning 3 singers, 3 bassists & 3 drummers. The first audition will take place on January 18th. Secondly, Some Dogs have a gig booked for February 17th at the Samuel Pepys in Mare Street, Hackney.
December 2000 Big Bird Dog comes back from holiday and redesigns the CD cover
5th November 2000 Jim Dog sneaks into work on a Sunday to burn 10 Some Dogs CDs. In the absence of Big Bird Dog, the Some Dogs Art Director, Jim Dog does his best with designing the CD covers.
01:00 4th November 2000 After seeing Penthouse (ace) & Petit Vodo (French for "little cunt", we decide), and having lots more beer, Jim Dog drives Mark to Big Bird's house and plays the new CD. Mark thinks it's great. They foolishly drink Pernod until bed time.
14:30 3rd November 2000 Jim Dog mixes the demo tracks with Rob from the Sonic Studio. It starts to sound very good after a few cans and a spliff. You can download the mp3s and listen for yourself if you want.
28th October 2000 Jim Dog gets round to building this web site.
28th October 2000 Big Bird Dog goes on holiday, leaving Jim & Lisa Dog to finish off the demo tape, find two new band members & get gigs in December. What a bastard! Big Bird Dog will return on 27th November.
27th October 2000 Big Bird Dog does a new logo like this:
26th October 2000 Big Bird Dog does a logo like this:. It is rejected.
24th October 2000 Some Dogs record The Gambler, D.I.V.O.R.C.E., Rhinestone Cowboy & Ruby. Lisa Dog stands in on bass, the Dogs draft in Kevin to sing. Kevin Dog does a great job despite never having sung with the band before.
1st October 2000 Jim Dog registers the somedogs.co.uk domain name
Some time in September 2000 We decide on the name "Some Dogs" - Jim Dog's alternative "Clawhand" is rejected by a landslide of 2 to 1.
End of July 2000 Thingy & Alvin leave because they're not into it. The remaining members aren't THAT sorry.
Some time in July 2000 Thingy (can't remember his name) joins on vocals, he brings Alvin to play bass.
11th July 2000 First rehearsal of the three core members at OTR studios in Mare Street. It is a great success despite all present sufferring greatly from clawhand.
4th July 2000 First attempt to rehearse is a disaster because Big Bird has booked a shit hole in Bethnal Green that turns out to be double-booked. They manage to miss Lisa.
Late June 2000 Big Bird enlists the support of Lisa, a drummer who used to be in "Rubbish" with him.
14th June 2000 Big Bird & Jim meet in Big Bird's spare bedroom to play "Punk renditions of Cheesy Country Classics". It's very hot & stuffy with the window closed.
May 2000 (we think) Big Bird & Jim get pissed and he reveals his big idea. Jim joins on the spot. Surprisingly, they both remember the conversation and the band is born!
1998 Big Bird has the idea and does fuck all about it for 2 and a half years